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LED Linear Lighting
ARROW Series

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· Slim and chic appearance
· High luminous efficacy to highlight displayed items
· Linear lighting design for smooth illuminance with no LED pixel
· No dark spots at linking point
· Simple installation

· Max linkable length:3.6M


· Application

  Suitable for using in display shelves,cabinets,etc.

· Lifeime:35,000 hours(L70 F50,ta=25℃)
· CCT: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
· Energy efficiency: 103lm/W @4000K


Model Input Power Beam
LED Quantity Length
ARROW-L30-24V 24VDC 2.5W 145° 30 pcs 200mm
ARROW-L48-24V 24VDC 4.0W 145° 48 pcs 300mm
ARROW-L90-24V 24VDC 7.5W 145° 90 pcs 570mm