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Working at SELF

Reward Concept
Reward is emotive,with gratitude and salary.
Employees, regarding company as their family, contribute their efforts, wisdom and energy to this “Family”. What they gain is not just a salary, but also the gratitude and love from the company. Therefore, working for SELF is no longer a simple means of livelihood, but a vocational stage for realizing ambitions.
Wealth Concept
People are of social attribute, as well as wealth.
Society is a human society and people are social beings. As the smallest unit of society, people, separated from society, out of social relations and mutual cooperation, will lose the nature of man. Similarly, wealth belongs to society essentially, which can only be owned by any individual or organization temporarily. Individuals or organizations will get corresponding fortune in accordance with their contributions to society.
Talent Concept
Integrity and competence, with integrity first.
Competition in the market is ultimately the competition of talents. Talent is the basis and also the guarantee to promote the sustainable and sound development of the enterprise. With the ability to gather talents, you will get the initiatives for competition and win a strong position in the fierce marketplace.
People of talent, in SELF, are virtuous people first of all. People of virtues and competence are advocated by SELF in deed. Regardless of the position you take or qualifications you have, you are talents of SELF as long as you fulfill your duties of your position, get your work done well and make contributions to the development of the company.
Personnel Concept
Fully employ people of virtues and competence; less employ people of integrity and low competence;Appropriately employ people with competence;
Appropriately employ people with competence; never employ people without virtues nor competence .
People of integrity and competence are elaborately selected and carefully nurtured. They are the ones with the most responsibility in SELF. For employees without competence, we will apply periodically and strengthen the training; we try not to apply personnel without virtues, or apply with limits, so as to reduce risks of corporate ethics or legal risks as possible as we can; never apply people without integrity nor competence.
Professional Concept
Learning, hard working, intensive cultivation – the only way to professionalism.

No one is born completely competent or professional. Only through continuous learning does one continue to grow intellectually. Only through working can one consistently improve through practice as practice makes perfect. One must focus on the tasks at hand. As long as you pay more attention and concentrate, you will accomplish many achievements in your life and in your career.
Motivation Concept
Focus on spiritual motivation, with material motivation as a supplement;
Focus on team motivation, with individual motivation as a supplement.
In the current society with abundant substances, while material needs may be met, spiritual needs are not. On the basis of ensuring the material needs of employees, SELF pays more attention to the spiritual motivation to the employees and building the spiritual world of SELF together with all the personnel. Similarly, SELF emphasizes teamwork and does not ignore individual contribution. The progress of the entire team is what matters, as well as performance by teamwork.