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Corporate Responsibility
“People are of social attribute,as well as wealth”. SELF believes that wealth belongs to society essentially, and as a company, should take on the responsibility of society.
Sustainable Products
SELF products are designed to be efficient, energy saving, and durable to benefit both our partners and the environment.
Product must be evaluated impact on the environment before research and development.
Sustainable Production
By adopting cleaner production technology, SELF is able to conserve energy and reduce consumption and emissions through our manufacturing. Our production lines are the cleanest, the most efficient, and have the least impact on the environment.
Environmental management system
Corporate internal audits
SELF has established an environmental audit program which is implemented by the corporate internal audit organization. Each year, certain sites are audited for environmental, health and safety compliance by SELF's Corporate Internal Audit staff.
ISO 14001 surveillance audits
The ISO 14001 surveillance audits are used to verify implementation of SELF’s environmental management system.
Energy Policy:
To improve energy efficiency, we shall save energy and reduce consumption. To improve enterprise economic benefits, we need sustainable improvement.